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Admire 2023 - Mystique Admire PDF Flyer

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Mystique Admire

Legend x VG-87-2YR Lambda x EX-94-2E x EX-93-2E x VG-88 x EX-2E x VG-88-2YR 
x Mystique Integrity Amelie-EX-94-3E x EX-6E x VG-87 x VG-86 x EX x VG-88 x EX

Directly from the very promising young cow pictured above,

Mystique Lambda Anis-VG-87-2YR

Mystique McCutchen April-ET.jpg

Avenger's 3rd Dam,

 Mystique McCutchen April-EX-93-2E

Lifetime Production: 70,134 Kg Milk, 3.7% Fat & 3.1% Protein

Pictured above

Mystique Goldwyn Arabi.jpg

Avenger's 5th Dam,

 Mystique Goldwyn Arabi-EX-2E-11*

Lifetime Production: 109,091 Kg Milk, 4.7% Fat & 3.8% Protein

Pictured above

The first 12 Dams Average more than 70,000 Kg of Lifetime Production!

  • +679 Kg Milk

  • +0.23% Fat

  • +12 Conformation

  • +10 Mammary System

    • +11 Fore Attachement​

    • +12 Rear Attachement Height

  • +5 Chest Width

  • +11 Rump

  • 104 Mastitis Resistance

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