Blondin Zimmer


Blondin Zimmer CAPTURE EX-3YR

Solomon X VG-2YR Uno X VG-87-2YR Atwood X VG-86-2YR Shottle

X Pine-Shelter Cheyenne-EX-95

Capture traces back to World Dairy Expo Grand Champion

Pine-Shelter Cheyenne-EX-95!

Blondin CAPTURE Kary-VG-87-2YR

Blondin CAPTURE Loriann-VG-86-2YR

Has 27 classified daughter and all of them are GP or Better!

  • Is making the show kind!

  • Health Traits Specialist​

    • 105 Mastitis Resistance

    • 107 Daughter Fertility

    • 105 Calving Ability