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Undenied x Blondin Cherry Avalanche-EX-93 x VG-2YR Corvette x VG-88-3YR Atwood x VG-87-2YR Snchez

x Regancrest S Celebrity-EX-94-2E-33* x Regancrest Cinderella-EX-92-2E-7* x Regancrest-Pr Barbie-EX-92-6*

x EX-92-4YR x EX-91-2E x EX x VG-86

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Back to exceptional brood cow,

Regancrest S Celebrity-EX-94-2E

Pictured up here


And Legendairy brood cow,

Regancrest-Pr Barbie-EX-92

Pictured up here

Blondin Cherry Avalanche - 202002.jpg

Directly from this herd favorite cow,

Blondin Cherry Avalanche-EX-93

Pictured up here

  • A2/A2

  • +3.40 PTAT

  • +11 Conformation

  • Perfect Teat Length

  • Great for Robotic Milking!