April 2022 - Kings-Ransom Dynasty PDF Flyer

Debut - website.png

Blondin DEBUT

Barolo x VG-2YR Dropkick x VG-2YR Hotline

x Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny-EX-92 x EX-94-2E Doorman

x EX-94-2E Dorcy x VG-87 x VG-88 x EX-91-2E

x EX-91 x VG-87 x VG x VG x VG-88

x VG-87 x EX-3E

HF43310 Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny Rt Rear Grazing.jpg

Back to the great brood cow,

 Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny-EX-92

Pictured above

#1 Fat Deviation positive milk bull at 12+ Conformation

  • +3391 GPA LPI

  • +76 Kg Fat

  • +0.51% Gras

  • +12 Conformation

  • +13 Système Mammaire

  • +107 Mastitis Resistance