April 2021 - Aot Honour PDF Flyer

Aot Honour

Avalanche x VG-89-2YR Delta x VG-88-3YR x VG-88-2YR x VG-88-2YR x EX x EX

x EX-2E x VG-88-3YR x EX-95-2E x EX-2E

HF42977 Cookiecutter Delta

Directly from the famous modern brood cow,

Cookiecutter Dta Habitan-VG-89-2YR

Pictured above

#2020112103 AOT Avalanche Hangover.jpg

Full brother to the All-American Spring Calf 2020,

 Aot Avalanche Hangover

Pictured above

HFL8508 Cookiecutter MOM Halo-ET.jpg

Great Grand Son of famous brood cow,

 Cookiecutter MoM Halo-VG-88-2YR

Pictured above

#1 PTAT bull over 2600 TPI and no King Doc in his Pedigree

  • 3.81 PTAT

  • 3.26 UDC

  • 2608 GTPI

  • 372 lbs Milk

  • 42 lbs Fat

  • 2.67 SCS

  • -0.6 DPR

  • 3.07 Stature