Unstopabull x VG-2YR Diamondback x VG-88 Absolute x VG-2YR Destry

x Rockymountain Talent Licorice-EX-95 

x VG-89-3YR Rudolph x VG-88 Skychief

Ravenswell Lydia-EX-92-3YR

x VG x VG-88-3YR x VG-87 x EX x VG

Back to the Great Show cow that won at Madison & The Royal,

Rockymountain Talent Licorice-EX-95

Pictured up here

Directly from this very promising young cow,

Blondin Diamondback Luxury-VG-2YR

Pictured up here

  • #1 Conformation Available Red Sire (tie) at +16

  • #4 PTAT Available Red Sire at +2.97

  • #1 Dairy Strenght Red Sire at +13

  • #2 Mammary System Available Red Sire (tie) at +13

  • #1 Rump Available Red Bull at +11

  • Double Digits for every Conformation Traits

  • 106 Hoof Health