April 2021 - Blondin-I Respect PDF Flyer

Blondin-I Respect

Raptor x VG-87-2YR Avalanche x EX-92-2E Bradnick x EX-92 Atwood 

x EX-93-2E x EX Dundee x EX-91-2E x EX-92-2E x EX-91-2E x EX-92-2E

x EX x EX x EX-91-3E x Pinehurst Rapture-EX-96-4E x EX-2E x EX x EX-2E

x EX-92 x EX-92 x EX-93-2E

Backed by a VG-89-3YR-MAX and 18 EX in a row!

You have to RESPECT that pedigree!

#2019092301 Karolstein Raspberry Avalanc

Directly from this very promessing young cow,

 Karolstein Raspberry Avalanche-VG-87-2YR

2-08 305d -12,112 Kg Milk - 4.5% Fat - 3.5% Protein

Pictured up here

  • Bringing a lot of depth and strength

  • Very strong Median Suspensory

    • Especially for a bull at 2C & 1C for teat placement

  • High and Wide Rear Udder like we all love!

  • Low Rump Angle