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December 2022 - Blondin Destination PDF Flyer


Blondin Destination

Alligator x VG-2YR Hotline x EX-92 Delta x EX-94 Doorman x EX-94-2E Dorcy x VG-87 Baxter x VG-88 x EX-91-2E x EX-91 x VG-87 x VG x VG x VG-88 x VG-87 x EX-3E


Directly from this milk tank of a young cow,

Kings-Ransom Hot Debbie-VG-2YR

2-03 2x 305d 13,865 Kg Milk, 5.0% Fat, 3.4% Protein

Pictured up here

No other bull is even close!

  • 3601 GPA LPI

  • 1985 Kg Milk

  • 94 Kg Fat

  • 12 Conformation

  • 8 Mammary System

    • 11 Median Suspensory​

    • 1W Front Teat Placement

    • 13 Wide Rear Attachement Width

    • 1C Rear Teat Placement

    • 2S Teat Length

  • 14 Feet & Legs

  • Dam averaged 2.28 Kg of Fat per Day on 1st lactation 

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