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Bringing back the art of breeding!


We think it is time that the art of breeding cows is brought back to the breeders.


Selecting for beautiful functional type, combined with a balance of production and health traits to produce the next generation of long lasting cows.

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    About  Us  

What we're about...

Blondin Sires Inc. is owned by Simon Lalande, Kim Cote and Dann Brady. Three friends that share the same passion for beautiful cows, deep pedigrees, the love of the show ring and the technology of genomics. 


Our passion for breeding and working with great cows hasn’t changed. Over the past few years the rush of genetics has overshadowed the true art of breeding great cows. We decided it was time to put the emphasis back on great type and deep pedigrees combined with production, health & fertility and bringing in new technologies such as genomics. 

We plan to sample 5 - 7 new bulls per year that combine high genomic type with balanced production and health and fertility. 

Our goal will be to share this experience with you, the breeders. As we go in search of these unique and special bulls we look to showcase the families and cows behind them. Tell their stories and follow them as they develop. 

We hope you join us on this journey...enjoy the ride!


Meet the Team


Dann T. Brady


Cell: 1-519-830-9721


Snapchat: dannbrady

Simon Lalande


Cell: 1-514-239-5435


Nic Lalande


Cell: 1-514-268-4614


Snapchat: Le_farmer

Who We Are

Simon Lalande along with his parter Kim Côte are owners of Ferme Blondin. A herd well known for it’s impact on the show ring and in more recent years combining the show ring presence with using the latest tools and advancements for building deep pedigrees. The diverse width of the company includes milking over 100 head at the home farm, exhibiting at 5 to 10 shows per year including Madison and the Royal, managing and operating a successful auction business that includes sales such as the Sale of Stars and selling privately more than 500 head of high quality replacement animals per year. 


For a number of years now Dann Brady has been the marketing manager at Ferme Blondin. Studying the pedigrees, the genomics and making the selections for the large embryo flush program at the farm. Previous to Blondin, Dann was a Embryo Sales Manager for 9 years with a global ai company. Spending time in numerous countries around the world, working directly with breeders to help build and develop their breeding goals. 




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Sires to Offer?​

Do you have a sire that could be of interest for our program?


Dann T. Brady


Cell: 1-519-830-9721

General Inquiries

Blondin Sires Inc.

620 Rang St. Vincent

St. Placide, Quebec, Canada

J0V 2B0

Tel: 1-519-830-9721

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