April 2021 - Blondin Legend PDF Flyer

Blondin Legend

Sidekick x VG-87-2YR Jacoby x EX Airintake x EX-91-2E Dempsey x EX-92 Baxter

x VG-88 x VG-88 x VG-87 x Comestar Laurie Sheik-VG-88 x EX

Back to one of the most influencial cows ever in

Comestar Laurie Sheik-VG-88-23*

Pictured up here

#2019070903 Mosnang Jacoby Legendairy -

Directly from this very promessing young cow,

 Mosnang Jacoby Legendairy-VG-87-2YR

Pictured up here

  • #1 GPA Conformation at +16 (Tie)

  • #1 GPA Mammary System at +14 (Tie)

    • +18 Fore Attachment​

    • +16 Rear Attachment Height

  • +3.05 PTAT

  • +3.21 UDC

  • 108 Mastitis Resistance